Closed Captioned Television and Surveillance cameras have long been accepted as the most effective way to enforce loss prevention at your business, and to ensure security at your home.  There is no better way to monitor your property than with a camera system.

Today's surveillance camera technology has vastly improved over previous systems and technologies.  DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) are quickly replacing outdated VCR recording mediums as their quality is significantly higher and their record-time is considerably longer.  Automated systems require less human maintenance and input while increasing the productivity of the system as a whole.  New cameras such as this one from Sony are built specifically to allow remote access, meaning that its video can be easily transmitted over the internet, allowing the user to see the images from anywhere.  Click on the camera at the right to see a live video feed from the SecureTech office!

Cameras to protect your interests come in any variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted anywhere, under nearly any conditions.  Some of the cameras below are available to you through SecureTech.  They can be placed indoors or out and can be hidden in almost anything.

Any number of different lenses can be attached to the various cameras to allow all types of surveillance.  Specialty lenses can be installed by SecureTech that offer different zooms, light-conditions or panoramic angles.

SecureTech offers two different types of DVR's for recording.  The first type is operated much like a simple VCR, and monitors a small number of cameras and zones.  An example appears to the left.  These DVR's are excellent for small businesses with one camera or home-owners who want the security of CCTV but want to keep the whole system simple and easy to use.

Another option is the advanced DVR.  This type of DVR is operated much like a computer and can hold many different hard drives as well as digital video recording on to discs.  Systems can be outfitted with remote control joysticks to change viewing angles and to pan and zoom.  These systems are excellent ways to monitor many different cameras and angles and can be configured by SecureTech to best suit your needs, no matter how large of a system you need.  Click on any DVR below to learn more about it.

These DVR's can be combined with one another to allow any number of cameras to be attached and to record at any speed or quality.  They can be monitored remotely or on nearly type of monitor.  Please call SecureTech today to find out how we can help your property remain secure.  Below are links to some of the quality manufacturers whose products we use.