Custom Home Theater

Investing in a home theater system is a serious choice.  The discerning buyer clearly wants the highest quality of components and installers with an eye for detail and a perfectionist attitude.

SecureTech is working with the manufacturers of today's highest end audio/video and home theater equipment.  Of course we use only the best components including screens, monitors, amplifiers, receivers and speakers., however we have access to many other items which can further enchance your home theater experience.  SecureTech can install CinemaTech seating, the most comfortable theater seats in the world.  SecureTech also uses the most advanced materials for room preparation, including Acoustic Room Systems newest SelectSound™ sound controlling material.

SecureTech wants to make your home theater system as accessible and as easy to use as possible.  We offer a whole range of control options including the newest Pronto™ control systems from Philips Electronics.  We also install Sonance's newest control item, the Navigator K2™.  The K2 is an in wall LCD touchpad screen which can control all of the audio and video electronics in your entire house.  The K2 gives you instant access to sights and sounds in your home no matter where you are (or if you lost your remote).  The K2 panel comes in many different colors to suit the decor of your home.  Click on the K2 panel to the left to see more information about how it can make your life more comfortable.

Please call SecureTech today at (909) 337-1234 to ask about upgrading your home with a custom home theater system with SecureTech's expertise.