Options & Cost

SecureTech has a number of options to protect your home or business when you are away.  Using the latest in security system technology allows us to offer you a superior sense of relaxation during the times when you are not there.

Perimeter Security

SecureTech systems can have many parts including high-tech wireless or hard-wired window and door contacts.  These contacts detect when a window or door is opened and can trip the alarm and summon authorities if they are.  Windows and doors are by far the most common method of entry for burglars and contacts are the most effective way of securing your home.  In addition to contacts, systems can be programmed to respond to both breaking glass and significant changes in air pressure inside the premises, which would indicate that a door or window had been breached.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are another option utilized by SecureTech.  Motion detectors can also be wireless or hard-wires, which allows them to be placed anywhere in a building and to monitor any portion of your home or business.  SecureTech offers "smart" motion detectors which can prevent false alarms by "recognizing" pets, or changes in the lighting due to movement of the sun.  Motion detectors are an excellent way to keep your property secure.

Alarm Keypads

Different alarm panels and keypads are available from SecureTech for your security system.  Alpha-numeric keypads can tell you exactly where a problem has been detected in your house, and panic buttons can call the police immediately, even if your alarm has not been tripped.  Most panels installed by SecureTech are made by DSC Security Products or Ademco Alarm Panels.


Another option chosen by many SecureTech customer is to have video or audio monitoring of their property in addition to their alarm system.  Camera systems can be in black and white or color, and can be concealed in almost anything.  Recording devices can keep track of everything that takes place in your home or business and keep that video from 24 hours to 24 years.  SecureTech has expertise in installing the newest DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems which allow for extended taping.  Camera systems can be set to pan back and forth, zoom, track movement, or be activated only when they sense motion.  New systems offered by SecureTech allow for broadcasting, public or private or the video from your camera over the internet.  Please visit our section on CCTV to learn more about camera systems.

Remote Panic

Other options that SecureTech can install to help improve your safety and the security of your home or business include wireless panic alarms, which can summon the police or paramedics at the touch of a buttons which can be worn on your wrist or put on your keychain.

For pricing on basic systems or on more advanced options please call SecureTech and a customer representative will help you decide what is important for you.