Testing Your System

We recommend you test your system weekly to ensure that everything is working properly.

1.    Call our alarm center at (909) 337-0425 or (800) 854-7430

2.    Provide to the operator your "Line #" (7d), your account number and your personal "abort" code   

3.    Request to the operator that you would like your system to be placed on "test"

4.    With the system on test, press and hold the panic/police button(s) depending on your system for three seconds.  When you hear the siren, enter your code.  This will silence the system.  Skip to step 7

To test doors, windows or motion detectors:

Follow steps 1 through 3.

5.    Arm your system and leave the house for five minutes then come back in and open all doors and windows and walk by all motion detectors.  The siren will be sounding during this process

6.    After you are done, enter your code to silence the siren.

7.    Wait five minutes and call the alarm center (909) 337-0425 or (800) 854-7430 to make sure that they received your signals

8.    If all signals have been received your system is working properly.  If any signals have not been received, call the SecureTech office at (909) 337-1234 to schedule a repair